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Day 8

Today Renita (Michael and Travis' friend from McGill rowing) showed us around town. She arrived at Derek's with Nat (another McGill rower) and we went for breakfast. She was going to take us to the same restaurant Derek took us to yesterday, but after finding out we have already been, she took us to the "Blue Fox." It was really good. Nat had to go after breakfast (he had rowing practice) and Renita proceeded to take us around Victoria. It was funny because EVERYWHERE she took us, Derek took us the day before. It was nice to know we thoroughly saw Victoria, twice over. But Renita gave us a more thorough tour of U Vic (and then took us to the same grocery store as yesterday), and the liquor store. We then went to Renita's to watch the Habs game (Montreal won!). We got all our West Coast Trail stuff from Derek's and brought it back to Renita's (we were crashing at hers for the night and then getting a ride to the bus for the West Coast Trail). Her parents made us an AMAZING Indian food meal! It was delicious! Then we packed up all our gear and went to bed.