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Day 68

We woke up early today to hit the road and beat Philippe, Katie, and Stephanie to Algonquin (or at least North Bay). We were only slightly delayed by a phone call, and a few super minor technical difficulties, but didn't beat them in the end, unfortunately. It would have been a worse loss if they knew it was a race, but luckily they had no idea, so couldn't rub it in!
Only like 10-20km after hitting the road, we stopped off at a gas station to fill our water bottles (and buy chocolate milk if they had any, but they didn't). When we were there, Jimi and I went in the store while Michael watched the bikes. A mechanic stepped out of the garage to talk to Michael. He asked if Michael was going to be long, and Michael said no, but he could move the bikes if it was a problem. The guy said it wasn't a problem, (and keep in mind, there was A LOT of space for people to drive through beside the pumps), but in case a woman came in, you know how they drive (as he started dramatically flailing his arms back and forth, to mimic the giant swerves of a typical female driver). Michael said the guy acted serious too, which made it funnier (that he was actually for real!).
After leaving that gas station, we have few breaks. The roads were decent. They were REALLY nice yesterday, after leaving Sudbury, and were similar in some parts, but pretty rough in others. Our time and speed depended on how rough the roads were.
We were warned about some hills right before North Bay, but they weren't bad at all! It was really pleasant, in fact! When we got into North Bay, we met up with the other three, went grocery shopping, then joined them to Algonquin (we would have cycled if the bike shop in Sudbury wasn't useless and we could have hit the road immediately. But as we left so late and missed out on so much quality cycling, it would have been rude to invite Philippe, Katie and Stephanie up just to make them wait in Algonquin for us!).
When we got there, we were a little disappointed with the site! There was NO privacy! It was like camping at a trailer park. I expected more of Algonquin! Especially since they have so much land, and so much dense forest, it was clearly cleared on purpose (and who knows why!). But, that being said, we were right on the water, which was really nice, and the site was really big, so it fit all four tents! We started setting up our site, eating, and getting some information for the portage tomorrow! We also went for a swim (the water was really nice! It felt like bath water compared to Lake Superior!). We had the chili that Katie made for us from scratch! It was delicious! For desert we (obviously) had smores! And they were obviously delicious!
Before going to bed, we converted one of the tents into a theater and we all watch Jurassic Park on my laptop. It was wicked (as expected). All the girls stayed awake and the boys fell asleep (I was so proud of myself! I don't remember the last time I didn't fall asleep through a movie!). Then we all went to bed!