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Day 86

This morning I woke up at 8:30, got all my stuff together, then went to the doctor's. I asked the guy who owned the hostel for some directions to the nearest walk-in clinic. He told me the directions then said he would write them out. I was glad he was writting out directions since I didnt know Rimouski at all and it would be good to have in case I got lost. He tore off a piece of paper, and in big writting, wrote CILS (or something like that). That was the name of the clinic. I then repeated the directions, uncertainly again, both to make sure I was correct, and to insinuate that I am still unsure and hoped he would then write it all out. He then, in small writting wrote Rue Gouvernement. No number, no directions to the road, just the name of the random street, and then he orally told me the directions once more. I took his little piece of paper and hoped I wouldnt get lost! When I finally got to the clinic (after going to the wrong place, then being redirected), there were some technical difficulties (ie they didn't have an opening for me) but they were really nice and fit me in! Everyone was extremely friendly! The receptionist didn't charge me for anything (I didn't realize, but I guess it's a private clinic). And the woman who dressed my bandage gave me a bunch of first aid stuff to take so I could redress it myself for 2-3 more days (she said if I were to buy the stuff myself it would be very expensive!). I was so happy all day because of how nice they were! And I was so relieved it was properly cleaned, and I would be able to clean it for the next few days!
I then went back to the hostel and finished getting my stuff together, and met Michael and Fred who were just finishing packing. The three of us went to IGA for a quick, light lunch, and then Michael and I hit the road while Fred went to catch her bus.
It was a beautiful day for a cycle! We had decent wind, and it was really sunny and nice out! The route was extremely pleasant as well! It followed the St. Lawrence the whole way, so it was really scenic! Since we had a later start, we didnt go SUPER far, but we still put a good dent in the Gaspe route. We made it all the way to Mechins (only near the end of the cycle were there some bigger rolling hills. It was really pleasant!). We asked a gas station that was still open if we would be able to camp in their back yard. They didnt have a problem with it, which was great! And the timing was great because it was starting to get dark! We walked around the town for a bit to catch the sunset, then we went to bed. Unfortunately, there was some kind of event going on directly across the street and they were playing loud music at the Legion type building. It ended well after Michael and I were asleep, so we were tired enough to fall asleep with it blasting, but it would have been nice if it was more peaceful!