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Day 42

We heard Mr. and Mrs. O'Farrell upstairs, as they went to drop off their friends at the airport and then they came back and left again to play golf. Because the basement was so dark, we didn't realize what time it was and had a nice sleep in until about 9-10am. We didn't want to sleep in too late because we were having such a short stay in Calgary, we wanted to make the most of it and get all our errands done! Michael and Travis drove to Costco and Future shop (Future shop to get me a bigger memory card for my camera, and to get two radios with a transmitter so we can safely listen to music while we cycle (without earplugs because it's too dangerous!)) while I stayed back and worked on the budget (entering in all our spendatures to see who owed who before we parted ways). Then I went over to the bicycle store to pick up my bike. They told me I needed a new wheel because the axle broke (something about the hub (or whatever term they used) was rotating when it should be fixed). They told me I didn't really have an option BUT to replace it. So I did. They said they talked to their manager and he gave me a discount, which was very nice. They said it was really rare for that to happen, and they don't know how it happened or when (could have been really recent or been like that for a while). So I emptied my bank account, so -$400 and something later (and a six pack of beer later), I had my bike (hopefully in perfect condition now!). I then met up with Michael and Travis at MEC, got my ripped pannier (just a small tear) sewn up, and bought stuff Michael and I would need for the next leg of the journey! Then we quickly went back to Travis', got gear rafting gear and set out for the Bow River. According to Travis, this was a must-do in Calgary. We didn't have much time because dinner was supposed to be ready in like an hour (we definitely took like 2 hrs to do this though), but the three of us tightly got onto Travis' three man inflatable raft! It was quite a process where we dropped the bike off at the supermarket on 10th St, bought some watermelon and other fruit, then drove to 32nd? Or something like that, and then rafted down stream with our fruit and beer. It was so nice and relaxing! And it was SUCH a nice day for it! The sun was shining, and although it was really hot earlier, it was cooling down, so it was really comfortable! When we were done, Michael and I packed everything up while Travis went to bike down and get the car. We then had dinner with Travis' parents. They made a DELICIOUS meal of salmon, salad and rice! It was unreal! Then we got our things together, started packing, and I uploaded all of Michael and Travis's receipts and we paid each other what was owed. We ended up staying up until past 2:30, just packing (and Travis faxing stuff for his job that starts on Thursday). Then we went to bed! Unfortunately, I couldn't see Julie today because we were so busy with all the errands (and emptying my bank account, and sorting out bills). I was really disappointed. And I didn't get to meet up with Wade or Kaylee either (not having internet from Jasper to Calgary didn't allow me to give ANY warning so neither of them got my fb messages in time).