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Day 82

I woke up at around 8:30 and showered while the boys slept. We all decided not to pay $25 for the breakfast buffet, as we felt it was really expensive for breakfast. So we got packed up and then went into town for breakfast (and by breakfast I mean lunch, because it was noon and no restaurant was still serving breakfast). Turns out, after seeing the prices in town, $25 was a good deal! We went to Cochon Dinge, which was really good, but expensive. We then went back to the hotel, loaded up our bikes, then headed back to Krystine's place to pick up the plastic knife and can opener I forgot yesterday. They were both home when we arrived and they let us use their internet for a bit to figure out our route out of Quebec, which was really nice!
Jimi took off as we were just packing up our things and sorting out the last details of our ride out. When we were heading to get some food at the grocery store, Michael pointed out the noise his bike was making. He said it would probably be alright, but once he realized he needed a new tire (his old one had worn right through and you could see the threads and inner tube), he figured, since he needed to go to a bike shop anyways, he would ask about the noise as well. So, after buying some snacks for the road, we went to the same bike shop Jimi went to yesterday (and Michael got a flat on the way there, so we walked the last few meters to the shop). There, Michael learned he needed a new wheel (his ball bearings were just about worn away and it was no longer repairable). So, while he got his bike fixed, I bought more raspberries and strawberries from the market which was directly across the street (TONS of both for only $14 total!).
Then, at 5:30 we finally hit the road! There was a bit of a headwind but the ride was really enjoyable! There was a bike path all the way to the Montmorrency Falls, and even past! We got a little lost for a bit in Quebec, but when we got redirected, it was really enjoyable! We stopped off at the falls, took some pictures, then hit the road again. We stayed on the bike path until it started veering too far away from highway 138. So, we went onto the highway, which had nice, large shoulders (which is amazing!). Also, it was significantly shorter to not to take the bike route all the way through each town.
When we got to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, there was a huge bascilica which was too stunning not to stop at! So, although it was getting close to finding-a-campsite time, we went to quickly see the church. While walking our bikes on the grounds, one of the security guards came up to us and asked if we have come to Sainte Anne's before (as we knew to walk our bikes). We started to talk to him and then a few other guards came over to talk. They were impressed with our trip and with our french (which was nice to hear because I feel like my french has definitely gone downhill!). We talked for quite a while, and it was really enjoyable! Then another guy came up and talked to Michael. He then left and Michael said he was seeing if we could camp on the grounds. We were so stoked that it would be so easy to find a site and that they would actually let us stay there (and it was them that offered, and not us having to awkwardly ask!). When he returned (we later found out his name was Mike), he said there wasn't room for us here, so he called a local motel and got us a room, and we don't need to pay for any of it! It was so nice of him! He runs the pilgrimages from the Ottawa region to the basilica every year. So, since he plans the trip, he knows the people who own and work at the motels in town (as he has filled them all up for the pilgrimage which will take place August 7-8th). He said the basilica is the largest in Canada, which is really cool! One of the guards, Andre, drove us and our bikes to the motel and we met Mike there. Mike sorted out the details while Andre helped us load our bikes into the room. They were both so nice, words can't describe. We felt silly just saying thank you, because it didn't really express how thankful we really were! So much better than a tent!
Mike then drove us back to the basilica so we could look inside. He gave us a thorough tour, which was amazing! It was stunningly beautiful! We took tons of pictures, met a bunch of priests, and then stayed for the candle ceremony outside the church. The singer's voice was amazing! It was really cool to see, as I've never been to anything like it before. Then Mike drove us back to our motel, and we stayed up a bit to use the internet then went to bed!