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Day 78

Philippe woke up at 7 to make sure he could catch his ride share. Michael wanted to wake up that early too, but wouldn't get out of bed until 9. I woke up to see Philippe off then went back to bed until 11. I spent my morning running around doing errands (getting new brake pads, buying the green route book, getting montreal bagels with Liberte cream cheese!!!). I then went down to Michael's lab (and only got there around 2-3pm). While there, I was looking at our route and his prof came in. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be there, and Michael didn't seem to notice him walk in, so I awkwardly sat there and hoped he didn't notice. I saw his prof get unimpressed with labmates (it was kind of awkward to see), and then he came over and couldn't compliment Michael enough. It seems as though Michael is the golden boy (of sorts) in the lab (I guess since he hasn't been around all summer, he hasn't messed up!). But since his labmates lookes a bit stressed and things, I thought, as I had to get groceries anyways, to buy some ice cream (for us and them) to cheer them up! Michael's lab and Vishya joined Michael and I for make your own sundays. It was wicked!!! Jimmy arrived later into Montreal, but in time for ice cream! We spent a few hours hanging out in lab's common area, played foosball and ping pong, then watched some tv while Michael was boring and worked.
We left michael to go check out the just for laughs street festival for a second time. Thank god we did! We saw a human canon. So cool! We didn't realize they existed (thought it was just something you see in cartoons), but it's real! And it was so cool to seee!!! We then walked around (and nothing compared to what we just saw), and were going to check out some giant blow up light display type thing (we don't really know what it is, but from the random description it seems it's like a blow-up hallway with different rooms and things and just different lights shinning through with some soothing music. It's some sort of a relaxing station apparently. We were confused). But we didn't go inside to check it out because there was too big a line, and we couldn't justify standing in line for so long! Instead we did some stupid probability game where we won compases. It really wasn't too exciting.
Since the human cannon ball was having a second show, we quickly got food (Jimmy was starving), quickly entered a PC contest to win a trip to paris, and met up with michael to see the second show!!! It was just as wicked the second time around!
After the show we went for poutine while Michael went back to the lab. After food, we picked up Michael and then we all walked home. We stayed up for a bit then went straight to bed!