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Day 67

This morning we slept in until around 9am. Jimi made an amazing breakfast for us (that him and Michael sorted at the grocery store yesterday). We had french toast and steak with maple syrup! It was unreal! We decided there are four food groups: peanut butter, cheese, chocolate milk, and maple. They are all you need to survive (and make up a HUGE percentage of our meals), and they EACH go with EVERYTHING (you can even mix them with any other above mentioned group and it's still amazing!)! If you don't believe me, try it! I dare you!
After the amazing meal, we did the laundry, packed our things, and cleaned up our mess then hit the road to Sudbury. They dropped me off at the bike shop while Michael and Jimi returned the car and picked up their bikes. When I walked into Pinnacle Sports, I saw the bike mechanic just sitting on one of the bikes in the shop, and he didn't acknowledge me. When I asked the guy working behind the desk if my bike was ready, he went to check, and as he did the bike mechanic told me he didn't do anything with the bike. I was not impressed! In fairness, he said the parts didn't arrive. If that's the case, I can understand that he didn't work on it. But, that being said, he knew I was on a tight deadline and he guaranteed that my bike would be done today. If he even thought there was a chance it wouldn't be done, he should have recommended going to another shop. But he didn't even call the delivery service to ask if it was coming the next day or anything. When I asked why, he said the manager did it instead. When I asked what the delivery guy told the manager, he said he didn't know, because apparently he didn't bother to go and find out! I was so mad. And I told him waiting another day wasn't an option (we are meeting Philippe, Katie and Stephanie tomorrow in Algonquin! We don't have time to waste!). Only then did he suggest giong across the street to the other shop (something he should have done on Tuesday!).
I went across the street to the Outside Store. I didn't think it was a bike shop, otherwise I might have gone there in the first place (as it was RIGHT across the street! I would have at least checked it out! But with a name like that, I just assumed it was like a camping store or something). They were incredibly helpful! They gave my bike top priority and finished fixing it (putting on a new rack, repacking the cones, replacing 6 spokes and truing the wheel) within an hour or two, and charged only a quarter of the price of the Calgary bike shop for doing more! It was wicked. They were amazing (both with the quality of work and with their customer relations!). I would highly recommend that store to anyone in/passing through Sudbury! They also let Michael use their internet so he could get some work done for his professor.
Although the guys at that shop were amazing and quick, the technical difficulties gave us a late start and we only left the shop and hit the road at 7:20. We had a wicked tail wind, so made some good distance considering the late start (50.2km)! We stopped off to camp out at a rest area. It was a sweet spot except for the house across the street. He was harmless, but was BLASTING his music! I don't know if I've ever heard or seen anyone sit so close to such LOUD music in my life! But, to be fair, if he likes being that loud, he picked a good house! Other than the rest area (which had a few picnic areas and two outhouses), there was NOTHING around, or no one he could disturb. I was afraid that he would blast the music all night, but he turned it down as we were falling asleep, which was convenient! Once our tents were up, we RUSHED into them to get away from the BRUTAL mosquitoes! Then we went to bed, ready for an early start tomorrow to beat Philippe, Stephanie, and Katie to North Bay, or even Algonquin!