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Day 32

Today is a very special day. It was exactly one month ago that Michael and I left home for this trip. It is also the day that we crossed the B.C./Alberta border, the last day before we can get our bikes fixed, we hit the most Northern point on our trip (just above the 53 degree longitude), and we biked past the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies (Mount Robson), and crossed a time zone. We were trying to go fast for the remainder of Hwy 5 (the start of the day, the first 20kms), but had crazy headwind. When we turned onto Yellowhead (Hwy 16), the winds kept changing back and forth from head to tail. So although the cycle itself was faster than on Hwy 5, we actually went slower because we were so stunned by the gorgeous mountains, that we took quite a few picture breaks! We were especially slow around Mount Robson (as it was so stunningly beautiful! All the other mountains around it were also quite nice, but they were unfortunately in the shadows of Mt Robson). We took a little break to check out the info center, and then hit the road again (Travis started heading in the wrong direction without realizing it, but turned back around the right way after we called after him). Along the way we did two side hikes to see two separate waterfalls (the Rearguard Falls and the Overlander Falls). Only after the Overlander Falls did we decide to start to gun it to the border (we didn't care how far we got today (ideally all the way to Jasper), but as long as we crossed the border, we were happy!). We had two passes to summit after passing Mount Robson. The first wasn't labeled, so we never quite knew when we officially passed it (but guessed when we were “over”). The second was such a gradual incline it didn't really feel like a pass. But the ride was very scenic, and not very hilly (especially compared to our expectations! Tom was saying this is where they should have put the trans-canada because it's way easier than the Roger's Pass!). We made some really good time to the border, and since Jasper was only 20km away (and the National Parks border woman said the closest campground was the one just outside of Jasper), we decided to head all the way to Jasper. It was a really nice, net downhill cycle into Jasper, and the mountains were gorgeous! We cycled a total of 126.8kms today. We stayed in Whistlers campground, and were told the Elk were calving so be careful, as they tend to be very aggressive (and are more dangerous than the bears right now). We saw two and thought they were pretty cool! (don't worry, we kept our distance!). We had a campfire, dinner, and drank some BC wine to celebrate the end of the BC chapter and the start of Alberta! It only started getting dark at like 10:45, which was wicked! So we had a nice long evening to relax before heading to bed!