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Day 79

We woke up at 8, packed up and cleaned out Nicole's apartment. We went to michael's lab so he could tie off all the loose ends and get everything signed off. We met Rohith there so he could cycle out towards Quebec with us (he was going to cycle with us today, then back to Montreal tomorrow while we keep going). It took a while for Michael to track everyone down and put on the finishing touches. While michael sorted out his thesis, I photocopied green route, booked my flight from halifax to toronto, signed up for the montreal tri, and looked into warm showers. Then, just as we were about to go Rohith and I had ice cream for two dollars! It was wicked!
We hit the road around 2:45. We cycled out along the green route which was wicked! It was well maintained (as with the rest of the green route so far through Montreal), and we didnt have to deal with cars! On the way out we bumped into Will (who was going to meet us in the East Coast, but then pulled out). He cycled with us out of Montreal, then turned back. It was cool to have such a large group cycling out for a bit!
When we left Montreal we decided to just stay on the 138 instead of staying on the green route to make some distance (the green route weaves in and out of towns so its significantly longer). It was a nice day and we had decent wind. We went non-stop until around 630-7. Then we stopped off in small town, Berthierville for some food. We went to one restaurant and had THE WORST service EVER!!! There were TONS of tables and we were told to wait to be seated. We waited 45 minutes and still werent given a seat! It was ridiculous! We werent even acknowledged (except when we went to go sit and they told us to wait). It was brutal! So we left to go eat at another place called Mignons instead. It was good service, and there was a really nice waitress (who told Jimmy she understands him better when he speaks english and not french). It was a really nice dinner and we were so glad we decided to go there instead!
Unfortunately, because of the delay from the first place, the sun was close to setting. So, we only went another 10-15km or so before calling it a night. We stopped at a gas station and asked if we could camp out back. They said it wasnt a problem, which was sweet! We also figured we didnt need to hang our food or anything, because as Rohith put it, why would there be bears here when they could be in miami? He had the same logic for mosquitos, which definitely DIDN'T work!