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Day 61

Needless to say, we slept in this morning! I kept waking up every half hour from about 6:30 onwards until our planned wake-up time of 9am. I kept forcing myself to get back to sleep though (we don't sleep in too often, so I try my hardest when we get the chance! I'm just not good at sleeping in!). We got up and hit the road just before noon. It's funny, last night we thought we had just enough, if not too little alcohol. This morning we definitely felt we had just enough, if not too much! But alas, we hit the road and the wind was BRUTAL! It was an intense headwind! We drafted the entire way to Wawa, and it just sucked! We NEEDED that break physically, and even more so mentally! It was a brutal way to start the day! Along the way, we saw the mustache man again with another man who was walking across Canada! He was taking a total of 8 months, split up into 4 years, where he would do a two month section every year. The man with the mustache (after realizing we were the “brother/sister” pair), said he was blown away with how fast we were busting up the hills the other day (which made us feel good!). He was talking to Michael as I talked to the walker, and I overheard the mustache man asking if he was on the national team for cycling (talk about an ego boost!). But in Wawa we essentially bought out the grocery store (especially of their produce section!). We FEASTED in the parking lot for a good hour or more. It was kinda stressful to check the time because we only started to head out and really hit the road again at like 4:30pm. The winds sucked, and there was another 227km to Sault Ste. Marie. Anything we couldn't complete would have to be done the next day (and according to info center in Wawa, the winds were supposed to be just as bad tomorrow). So, we hit the road and hoped to get as far as possible. According to the lonely planet, Katherine's cove was supposed to be spectacular (at first we thought there was a hike there, but it turns out it was the beachfront that was amazing! That worked out for us because it saved us a few hours to devote to a hike!). The winds didn't seem as bad in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Either that, or the scenery was just so stunning we didn't notice so much! But it was gorgeous! On lake after another. Lake Superior really is stunning! We made it all the way to Katherine's Cove and set up our tents right on the beach! We saw the sun set and it was so beautiful! Perfect spot to camp! And we covered enough distance to only have to do 160km tomorrow!