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Day 45

This morning we were woken up by the rooster at around 6am. We slept for another hour because Michael didn't want to get up yet. We packed up and had eggs for breakfast. Bruce and everyone was so nice to us we left this morning on such a high note! The day looked really nice! The sun was shining, it was really warm, and it seemed the thunderstorm from yesterday was gone. Once we hit the road around 9:30, everything started becoming less peachy. First of all, we had a brutal headwind. Not cool! It just kept getting worse and worse as the day went on. We made our first stop of the morning in Cereal just to use the washrooms (and no, we didn't eat cereal in Cereal because we wanted to cover some distance!). Our second stop was in Oyen to get Saskatchewan maps. We stayed in the info center for quite a while to rest our legs a bit, and also because we didn't really want to face the howling winds outside! But eventually we had to face the fact that we needed to cover some ground! The clouds up ahead did not look very friendly so we put on our raincoats to keep warm, and to be one step ahead of the weather. Turns out it was necessary! The winds just kept coming, and the rain was getting really bad! We thought we would stop in Sibbald to dry off for a bit, and maybe grab a drink to celebrate the end of Alberta. We rode up the one street (and I swear there were only like 6 houses), and at the end was a Town Hall of sorts and a REALLY seedy looking strip club. It was so random (and we CLEARLY did NOT stay. We jumped back on our bikes and went back in the pouring rain). I guess everyone in the “town” (?) works there. I don't know. But about 10km later, we were at the border! So we are officially done Alberta and now in Saskatchewan!!! The rain died down a bit, but the headwind persisted. We were initially planning on making it all the way to Kindersley today, but the winds were too much of a struggle, we decided to camp at the side of the road about 30km away and we'll wake up super early tomorrow (and hope the winds have either died or changed to a tail wind!!). So, bed at 8pm!