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Will it fit?

This morning we got up and sorted out all our gear. I was very worried at first that it wouldn't all fit in our packs. I picked up my front and rear panniers at the MEC in Vancouver on the way to the bus station, so I had no opportunity to see if I would be able to carry everything. On top of that, every time I spoke with Nicole prior to leaving, she kept telling me "I hope there's room in your panniers because there isn't in mine for everything I have." Of course, she did have most of the communal gear. It took all morning to sort out the stuff, and we were very surprised to find out that... it all fit!!! Just have a look at Nicole's blog to see what gear we brought. One interesting thing to note is that I packed fewer clothes for this four month expedition than I usually do for a weekend regatta. Hygene is overrated anyways, right?

It was a very nice, sunny day, so we took a stroll into Tofino. We were hoping to go surfing, but we spent too much time on packing our gear that we were too late for the surfing. So instead we did our grocery shopping for the next couple of days, and after going through the checkout, we realized that this might last us until Victoria!
We're chilling right now at the Field Station, even though we've checked out already, and just as I'm posting this, the school that is staying here made too much food and wants to feed us dinner! I'm going to enjoy that right now! Tonight we camp for the first time; let's see how well prepared we are for this! Tomorrow we start cycling.

Day 2

Today we woke up around 8am and started sorting/splitting up and packing our gear (listed below). That took a VERY long time. We were hoping to go surfing today but because our packing took so long, we'll have to tackle that tomorrow morning and push back our arrival in Victoria by a few hours or a day. But Tofino is very nice. I really like it, but I don't think it quite lives up to the hype. We'll see if I change my mind tomorrow after the surf on Long Beach....

Our gear list:



-road bike

-puncture proof tires

-2 spare inner tubes

-LED, and front and back lights

-Handlebar mounted mirror

-Bike computer

-Front basket pannier

-Two rear panniers (56 L total)

-Clipless pedals

-2 water bottles

-Seat-mounted storage

-Reflective stickers

-bike pump

-spare spokes (2 for front tire, 2 for back)

-CO2 cartridge


-waterproof bike lube

-bike shoes

-bike lock

-swiss army knife of allen keys and screw driver bits

--tire boots

-puncture repair kit

-3 plastic pieces to help change a tire

-allen key (for pedals)


26 x 1.5” Armadillo puncture proof tires

Self sealing tubes (2) + 2 regular spare tubes

Handlebar mounted mirror

Back lights (3 – turtle lights on my helmet and seat, larger one on my rack)

Front lights (2 – turtle light on the mirror, larger one on the handlebar)

Bike computer

Front basket pannier

Two rear panniers (56 L total)

Clipless pedals

2 water bottles

Seat-mounted storage

Bull-horn-like handlebar attachments

Reflective stickers – all over my bike! She looks oh so pretty with the new makeover


bike pump

spare spokes (2 for front tire, 2 for back)

bike shoes

swiss army knife of allen keys and screw driver bits

3 plastic pieces to help change a tire

pedal wrench


spoke tool

foam seat

Clothes and gear:


-3 pairs of bike shorts

-3 short sleeved bike jerseys

-two thin long sleeved shirts

-down vest


-waterproof jacket

-waterproof pants

-long spandex pants

-3 sports bras, 5 pairs of underwear

-3 pairs of short biking socks, one pair of knee-high biking socks

-bathing suit



-scarf/hat tube


-waterproof helmet cover

-bike shoes booties

-waterproof salomon trail runners

-flip flops

-waist/arm band reflectors

-regular shorts

-sweat pants

-Religious pendant with Immaculate Mary from Eva

-2 dry sacs (10L and 25L)


-2 spare camera batteries

-emergency blanket



-female products

-cards (ID, bank card, health card, MEC card)




-hairbrush and ties





-diary and sketchbook


-sleeping bag

-sleeping matt



-2 pairs of biking shorts

-3 short sleeved jerseys

-waterproof pants

-spandex pants

-one cotton t-shirt

-one quick dry warm underlayer

-waterproof/windproof jacket

-fleece long sleeved top

-polo shirt

-regular shorts (double as non-biking shorts and bathing suit)

-4 pairs of underwear

-4 pairs of socks


-scarf/hat tube



-bike shoe booties

-waterproof helmet cover

-ankle and sash reflectors

-Religious pendant with Immaculate Mary from Eva



-lens solution

-lens case


-tooth paste

-glasses and case




-2 spare camera batteries

-book (how not to be eaten)

-emergency blanket


-cell phone


-head lamp


-ipod speakers


-spare batteries

-camera usb

-sleeping bag

-sleeping matt

-waterproof trail runners

-flip flops

Communal Gear


-backpack and waterproof cover for westcoast trail

-soap/shampoo/dish detergent



-backcountry meals

-cliff bars

-2 tarps

-water filter

-water purifying drops

-water neutralizing drops

-first aid kit

-fuel canister



-insulator for cooking


-can opener



-duct tape


-hand sanitizer

-insect repellant

-toilet paper

-combination lock

-pain killers


-sewing needle


-waterproof matches


-bungy cords (one long and two short each)

-15m of nylon rope

-toe nail clippers


-wet naps

-chamois butt’r