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Day 99

We set the alarm for 5 this morning, but slept in until 6:10. It was a rough night, and Agnes didn't get much sleep, so was really tired. The wind kept blowing the fly around, which made a lot of noise, and it was a tight enough fit in the tent for all of us, so she really wasn't well rested. I slept alright, but was woken up quite often, and Michael likes to sleep! Michael poked his head outside around 5am and reckoned it was too dark to wake up, so we slept in another hour.
It was raining a bit, and was fully overcast with a brutal head wind (not the nicest conditions for a cycle, and a full 180 from yesterday!). We got ready and hit the road for Charlottetown. It was drizzling for a lot of the time, but for some sections, we got poured on! Luckily it wasn't cold out, so we were just soaked (so it could have been worse!). And considering the headwind, we didn't make bad time!
We got into Charlottetown at around 10am. Before heading downtown, we had to do some errands. We all went to the bank to take out some cash, and went to bulkbarn for some snacks and the grocery store for some lunch. We also stopped by a bike shop so I could buy new clips and so Michael could buy some spokes. I was so happy with how well the new clips worked, I couldn't stop talking about it! When compared to the old ones, the old ones were SO worn down, it was a wonder they worked at all! We then headed downtown to check out Province House (where the idea of our country was first discussed, and so is the birth of the Confederation!). We bought some coffee and then walked around Province House and watched a 17 minute fluff movie about the birth of Canada (which Agnes slept through).
We left for the ferry, and found a short cut off of highway 1 (although we missed the turnoff at first and so did an extra hill that Agnes, being fresh, was not happy about! P.E.I., and actually the maritimes in general, are not very good at labelling their roads! But the alternate route was much quicker with really enjoyable rolling hills (Michael and I thought, but Agnes, who had very little sleep last night, and who was still sore and whose body isn't used to being pushed this hard, was not enjoying them! And fair enough!). Finally, we arrived early at the ferry and had to wait around a good hour to leave for Nova Scotia, which was over an hour ferry ride away (and we can now cross off another province!).
The ferry was really nice and relaxing, but we only arrived in Nova Scotia around 7:30. The "welcome to Nova Scotia" sign was covered with a tarp of sorts, which is not cool! Now we don't have a picture of it! But that issue aside, in order to cut down on tomorrow's cycle, we really wanted to stay in New Glasgow. Neither Agnes or I feel comfortable cycling at night, and Michael made us a deal. If we cycle to New Glasgow, we can stay in a hotel so Agnes can fully, and properly rest. It was a decent cycle, but got scarier and scarier as it got darker and darker. By the time we turned into New Glasgow we couldn't wait to get a room and get off the roads! There were only big chain hotels, so it wasn't cheap! Holiday Inn express was the only one willing to give us a discount (as we were stranded and it wasn't safe for us to keep cycling or to set up camp somewhere at the side of the road at this hour!). So, we took their deal ($109 instead of $149)! At first the money stressed us out, but the hotel (and staff) were so nice! We could air out our dry tent, which was wicked, and the beds were so comfortable! We showered and watched TV until we passed out!