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Day 97

So, since we officially decided to stay another day at the Lavallee's cottage, it was time to epically relax! We slept in, and woke up to a beautiful day! The sun was out, and it was really hot! We noticed it would have been a head wind, or at best, a cross-head wind if we had cycled today (good thing it's our day off!). The first thing we did was dry everything out (as the thunderstorm from last night left it quite wet!) and we started doing laundry (and hung that out to dry as well). Both Noreene and Yvon were very hospitable and helpful! They offered us breakfast, where I tried some brown bread. This is special maritime bread, made with molasses. It was really good!
After doing some errands, and uploading the blog and checking emails, we went for a walk down to the beach. It was cold on the beach! The sun was hot, but the wind was cold, and when clouds covered the sun, it was freezing! None of us felt the need to go for a swim, so we sat on beach chairs (provided by different family members), read, wrote in our journals, talked to others on the beach (it seemed as though almost the whole family was there!), and just relaxed! We didn't help with the massive effort that was going on in front of us. The men in the family (helped by some of the kids) were making a GIANT tub. The plan was to make a big tub while the tide was out, and make it large enough and strong enough to sit in and watch the tide come in, and circle around it without the water coming in, or damaging the walls. It looked impressive and looked incredibly strong and thick. We later found out it did stand up to the tide, and no wonder! They worked on it all afternoon and enforced the hell out of it! They looked like they were having a lot of fun with it, and the kids seemed to really enjoy helping (or rather, playing in it, and probably doing more damage than assistance, but what's the point if you can't have fun, right?).
Michael, Agnes and I didn't stay to watch the tide come in. It was too cold, and Noreene told us about an amazing ice cream place that sells cones at happy hour for $0.75/scoop! Seemed too good to be true! So we walked down the gorgeous beach, then went with Noreene to get ice cream! It was so good! She treated us to it, which she really didn't have to do (the Lavallees keep going above and beyond, I can't express how wonderful they are!).
We had a really nice (and delicious!!!) dinner with the immediate family (we had pork, a wonderful bean salad, potatoes, and salad! So good! And all food that takes too long, or is too difficult to cook on the road!). All Lilia's siblings took off to visit their grandmother before they took off early tomorrow morning, while the three of us packed up all our things and sorted out our route for tomorrow (and looked into fun things to see and do in P.E.I.). Then we went to bed!