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Day 74

This morning I woke up at 9 and michael at 10. I helped him get what he needed together to leave for his cycle. It felt weird having him leave because this is the first time we've been separated all trip! I was worried about him (and hoped he had enough time to get into Montreal before dark! Especially since he only left at noon and there was a headwind and there was a possibility for a broken spoke or flat tire or whatever). So all day I kept worrying a bit and all day it felt a little weird. But, the day went on!
After Michael left, I went with Julia to pick up my bike that was all better now, then we stopped off to get some beer (for tomorrow's barbeque) on the way home. It was a fairly uneventful day. Dana, Julia and I went to go grocery shopping and the rest of the time, pretty much stayed in and watched TV (comedy and Extras...which was sometimes too painfully awkward!).
In the evening, I had the place to myself. Julia went out with Joe (it was good to meet him!), and Dana went out with Dave while I stayed back and went for a run (which was quite difficult! ...or maybe it just felt slow compared to the biking speed I'm used to... not sure. I'll have to give it another go or else I'll just have to train back into running again!), made dinner, worked on the blog, and watched some TV (more Extras)! Around 11pm I called Michael to make sure he got in safely. He still hadn't hit Montreal (he was in Laval) since he took some random Green Route detour which took him WAY out of the way. When the other girls came back, we just chilled out for a bit then headed to bed.