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Day 64

Since we were told it was supposed to rain last night, we camped under the overhang of Velorution. It was a ridiculously hot night last night (I had troubles sleeping), and it was probably made worse by the fact that the three of us shared one tent. We woke up at 8 so we had enough time to pack everything up before the store opened at 10. When the owner(?) (or maybe just a worker) came to open the store about a quarter to 10, I asked if he could quickly look over my bike and fix the back tire (that we put on, but that had a bulge in it), and look at my gears (they were stiff). He was very nice and replaced the cables and fixed the tire (all before the store even opened!) for only $10! And this is after letting us camp out for free! This store is awesome!!! Michael also had him take a quick look at his bike to see if he'd last until Sudbury/Ottawa/Montreal (ie as long as possible). We didn't end up leaving until the afternoon because Michael had to send some emails to his professor and do some work. But he couldn't wait any longer because we were missing some key tail wind time! So we hit the road. We figured the rest of the "family" would be well ahead, and we probably won't bump into them again. We had a wicked tail wind, and the roads were pretty sweet (for the most part). We stopped every 70km or so, then at our last stop of the night, we had Tim Horton's for dinner. We had about an hour (or an hour and a half at the most) to cover as much distance as possible. We gunned it, with a tail wind, and finished our day at 200km. Right when we crossed the 200 mark, we found the perfect spot to pitch our tent at ths side of the road! It was fate! So we set up camp and quickly got ready and rushed into our tents because we were being eaten alive by mosquitos!!! But if we left earlier, we may have even been able to make it all the way to Sudbury in a day! But, we'll just have to wake up early tomorrow to get there at a decent hour!