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Day 65

We set the alarm for 5, but woke up at 5:30 this morning. Michael (and Jimmy) kept talking about a "miracle" that was going to happen to let us get into Sudbury today and have time to see both Dynamic Earth and Science North. That miracle (although neither of them like to admit it) is waking up early! We got into Sudbury around noon. It was brutally hot! And it was just getting hotter! It was a good thing we woke up so early, if for no other reason, to avoid the heat. For the last 30km coming into Sudbury, we were looking for a gas station or grocery store where we could cool off and get some chocolate milk. Unfortunately there were none to be found. Gutted. So we made it all the way to Dynamic Earth (in good time, without chocolate milk). When we cycled into the parking lot, we were stopped by the parking attendant. She wanted to charge us for parking (that's right, charge us for cycling in and leaning our bikes against a wall). She then had to radio her supervisor and ask how much to charge us. We heard the conversation and the supervisor was like "motorcycles?" and when the reply was "no, bicycles" the supervisor sounded confused it was even a question and just said "it's free. they're not taking up a parking space." So we were let in. We did the guided tour of the mine, which was pretty cool to see. They also had a fake explosion, which was kindof lame (they could have made it more real, or even better, really set of some dynamite! (kidding, partially)). But it was fun! We walked around the rest of the museum a bit, but not too long because we had to go, rent a car, drop off my bike, and then hit up Science North all before 6pm. Luckily we found a rental place near Science North and near a bike shop (my rack broke, so I needed a new one, and I needed to true my wheel). Michael and Jimmy went to rent the car, while I went to Pinnacle Sports. I was told that my bike would be ready for Thursday morning, but it all depends on the rack (they had to order in a new rack for me, but they assured me it would be in on Thursday). So after insisting several times that I needed to have my bike ready early on Thursday, I was picked up by Michael and Jimmy in a sweet rental. It was a really fancy looking car, and in the two minute ride over they managed to get a compliment on their nice rims. Chrome? Steel? Other? They didn't know, but still took the compliment. The people at Thrifty were nice and let Michael and Jimmy leave their bikes there, so we just had our car and our stuff in the trunk. It was a nice change for a bit! So we drove to Science North to do some learning! We were so keen to fill our brains with knowledge that we didn't have time to change out of our biking gear! So, in spandex, we went to increase our knowledge base! Our first stop was in the dinosaur exhibit. Then we walked around the other exhibits a bit until a 4-D movie started (it was a 3-D movie where the seats also moved...that's how they advertised it). It was a movie about a bush plane through Norhtern Ontario. It was a cute little film, where not only did the seats move, but the front seat actually sprayed water at you at times. After the movie we headed straight up to the top floor where the body section was held. It was tons of fun to play around in all the interactive displays. We epically learned! We also figured out our percent body fat, and also watched a movie on Black Matter. We unfortunately learned that they got rid of their gyrosphere (which was wicked fun to do!) because it broke and it cost too much to fix it. Lame! Maybe next time I'm in Sudbury they'll learn it's worth the money to fix! But we had a great time none the less! And on the way out, Jimmy walked into a glass wall (he stepped out of the revolving door just a little too early). I couldn't stop laughing (horrible, I know). Then we headed straight to the keg. We had an amazing dinner! (But how could you not at the keg?). And the miracle happened! By doing both Science North and Dynamic Earth today, we freed up a day, which will allow us to see Tobemory tomorrow! Julia and hr parents were amazing and let us stay at their cottage, roughly half way between Tobemory and Sudbury. It was so nice of them and so convenient for us! The place was amazing and had a wicked view of the lake (their cottage was right on the water!). As TV is such a novelty for us on this trip, we put on a Bond movie, and passed out through it. It was still incredibly hot, but we were all so tired, it was easy to fall asleep!