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Day 75

This morning I woke up earlier than Julia or Dana, showered, then made some pancakes (chocolate chip) for all of us. Michael got in around 1-2am last night (but got in safely!). When I woke up I knew everyone was asleep, so I figured, after showering, then after making breakfast, everyone would start filtering out of bed or else it would be late enough to wake them without being rude. When I was done I woke up Dana first, but when I went to get Julia, she wasn't there (she snuck out when I was in the shower)! Not cool Julia! So Dana and I started watching a movie (the sweetest thing) until breakfast time (ie julia came back from the gym). Then we feasted!
After breakfast, we picked up Kat from the train station. I'm glad I was able to stay for the housie reunion (minus Ang and Alex). It was really good to see everyone! We spent the afternoon hanging out for a bit then getting ready for the barbeque tonight (it had to be early because Dana was going to the Bluesfest around 7-8pm).
I was excited all day because Philippe was coming up today and will be cycling with me to Montreal tomorrow. Philippe called and said he was mad because the rideshare called him at 3pm (he was supposed to leave at 5) and said he couldn't take philippe's bike. Let me mention that this is AFTER he called and arranged this particular rideshare BECAUSE the guy said he COULD take the bike! A compromise was made and Philippe went back to his house to get his bike rack for the roof of the guy's car. Then, to add to his troubles, the TTC worker wouldn't let him bring his bike on the subway when he was trying to get to the rideshare which left from Scarborough (which is ridiculous and i've never heard of that! Damn TTC!). So his mom was nice enough to drive him to Scarborough for his ride, with his roof rack in hand. Also, the rideshare pushed back the leaving time until 7, so he was going to come in much later than expected. Not cool Mr. Rideshare!
After we were all ready for the bbq, Dave, Saska, and Mike came over for it. It was a really nice, chill night! After a few hours, and after we ate, Dana, Dave and Kat left for the bluesfest while the rest of us stayed at Julia's and drank and had super insightful conversations )self compliment).
Once the three were done at Bluesfest, we met up with them at a bar (which I forget the name of!). I was going to stay behind and wait for Philippe but since he was going to come in so late, everyone convinced me to come to the bar and then just leave early to go back to Julia's. So that's what I did. It was good to see some people that I haven't really seen since University! Brad was there too, and he wanted to join for part of the cycle tomorrow, which would be fun! But I had a really good time!
Philippe finally called. He was giong to come out, but by the time he did, it would have probably been like 1-1:30 so I just went back instead. We hung out for a bit, then everyone else came back and we all went to bed!