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Day 90

This morning Michael and I slept in a bit. Since the waffle cafe only opened at 9am, and we were camped out approximately 1km (or less) from the cafe, it wasn't necessary to wake up much earlier than 8 (which is the time we set our alarm). Unfortunately, I have a hard time sleeping in, so I woke up at 7 and started slowly packing up. We had a nice, slow morning. We packed, did some abs, and wrote in the journal a bit. Then, we left for the cafe!
We arrived at the really cute Cafe Couleurs just after 9am. We both ordered a tea and waffles with fruit, just as Yvonne instructed (and we obviously went for the two waffle option!). It was amazing! And it was so well presented! The two waffles were cut in half, and two halves lay flat on the plate, smothered in tons of fruit and a caramel type sauce, and the other two formed a tent of sort over the others. It looked very big and very impressive! And it tasted amazing!!! I was so impressed!!! And I was really impressed with the amount of fruit on the waffles! Usually places skimp out on the fruit, but not here! Go Yvonne again!
While eating, we were trying to figure out whether to stay on the 132, or take the green route. The green route detoured inland more, and was a good 10km longer. The 132 followed the water, but was probably hillier and had steeper hills. We weren't 100% sure which would be better, so we asked around and we reckoned the 132 would be best. It was quicker and probably more scenic because it followed the water. So that's what we did! Turns out we picked a good road (since we didn't do the green route, we don't know if it was the best route, but I'm pretty sure it was! It was highly enjoyable!). The road wasn't nearly as steep as everyone warned us about, and it was really pretty! The roads were less than ideal in places, and the shoulder was mainly non-existent. But the cars all gave a lot of space, and the scenery was stunning! We were really6 happy with this morning!
We stopped at the lookout at the top, then finished the last little bit of the ascent, then coasted down into Perce. We spent some time there, walking around. Our first order of business was to check out the infamous rock. We walked down the beach, and luckily it was low tide (or low enough to walk out anyways). We went up and started walking around. I stopped when the water was getting too deep (ie up to my knee). I didn't want my cut (which was healing nice3ly!) to get infected, so I waited for Michael as he kept walking around the rock to the infamous hole in said rock.
Our next "hike" took us up to the hill overlooking above mentioned rock, where there seemed to be a nice view, and a giant cross. When we got closer, we learned we had to pay $2 each to walk up the 100m (if that) hike to the cross, and we thought no dice. So we sat right in front of the toll booth and ate lunch (peanut butter sandwiches of course!).
We then hit the road straight for Port Daniel. Our only stops were at lookouts along the way. It was a decent cycle. The sun kept appearing and then disappearing behind clouds (but mostly it was sunny), and the winds kept changing from head to tail winds. The hills weren't bad, but it seemed to take forever to get to Port Daniel (probably because we were excited for the last food place Yvonne recommended). We saw some cute towns along the way, and even passed a town beach party (which we decided to miss because we couldn't afford a day off for it, and it didn't look like much was going on. Maybe it picked up later, but again, couldn't take the chance! Maybe next time I'm through the Gaspe).
Finally we arrived in Port Daniel! We descended the hill into town and went straight to the info center to ask where the restaurant "l'Etale" is. Convenienctly, it was right across the street! We went straight over. Unfortunately we were too late for lunch (which is apparently only $10 for a three course meal!), but we made it in time for dinner (which was around $15-20 for a three course meal)! So I had filet mignon kebabs and Michael had a club sandwich with crab (and I had some kind of deep fried cheese as an appetizer and Michael had soup, and we both had tea and chocolate cake for desert! It was wicked!). We were very happy with dinner, and our only problem left was where to sleep. We could keep cycling, but since it's getting late, around 7:30, we technically had some cycling time left, but the sun was high in the sky and would soon be setting. It could be dangerous (with the sun in drivers' eyes), and we were pretty lazy after our feast. So we talked to the waitress about good places to camp and she offered the backyard of the restaurant! It was sweet! We camped out for free, and had a wicked spot right on the water! And on top of it all, she didn't charge us tax! So we got a discount on our meal! We were so happy and crawled into our nice, comfortable beds, and had a wicked night sleep! Go Yvonne a third time!