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Day 24

This morning we woke up in OK Falls, where we camped out right on the lake! Instead of taking the highway (which ran along the west side of the lake), we took the route that EVERYONE recommended on the east side. It was fairly flat and very scenic! We were making really good time and were really glad we took everyone's advice! There was way less traffic as well, so it was really enjoyable! (although the shoulders could have been a bit wider at times!). We made it into Penticton fairly early, had a quick stop to de-layer (as it was getting quite hot mid-day) then headed north along the 97 to Kelowna. We had a headwind for most of the trip, but we were still making amazing time! The entire trip followed the lake, which was very pretty (there were only a few times we couldn't see the water). We stopped off at a winery along the way (Greata Ranch Winery just outside of Peachland) to buy Terry and Linda (Travis' aunt and uncle) a thank-you wine (we would be staying with them for the next few days). The woman who worked at the winery was very nice and told us about two detours which were far more scenic, and far less hilly than the highway. The first detour was lovely and flat, so we were excited for the second. The second was horrible! It was very hilly with NO shoulder! Horrible advice! We should have stayed on the highway (there would have been a larger shoulder and it would have definitely been less steep and much quicker). But you live and learn! We made it into Kelowna. It was overcast, and along the way there were little periods of light rain. It was easy to find Terry and Linda's. Travis didn't think Linda would be there, but she was (she just came back from Korea where she was visiting her son, daughter-in-law and grandson)! We met Terry first, then as we were finishing unpacking our gear from our bikes and coming into the house Linda met us. She showed us how to do the laundry (and did our laundry for us!), and brought us towels to shower. She let me use the master shower which was so nice!!! (especially since we haven't showered since Osoyoos, words cannot describe how wonderful the shower felt!). She had snacks ready for us and was making dinner. We felt like we stepped into a 5 star resort! Terry was very nice and funny (with a touch of sarcasm!). It was such a nice night, and I can't express how wonderful and generous both Terry and Linda were!