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Day 104

We (unfortunately) woke up at 4 today to make the ferry. We were told we had to wait in line by 4:30 because that's when they start loading the ferry, and bikes go first. That was a lie. We were early and waiting in the COLD only to be let on the ferry LAST, after EVERY car was on (that's right, all the people in their nice, warm cars were let on first, while we were freezing waiting!). But, that's alright. We finally made it on! We got a seat on the lush ferry (it was definitely the best ferry I've ever been on!). Agnes and I went to get a coffee/tea, and eat PB & B for a first breakfast.
Not soon after finishing breakfast, Michael and Fred took off to wander and Agnes found a nice spot on the floor and passed out. I have a hard time sleeping in the day, so I spent the time updating the blog (as we are always behind). I tried napping for a bit, but was unsuccessful, and wandered for a bit, but mostly I was on the computer. It was a 6hr ferry ride, so there was tons of time to do all of it (and tons of time for the others to sleep).
We docked and loaded up all our gear and got ready to hit the road. We finally left at 1:30 and met a nice headwind. It was a nice cycle, a beautiful day, and gorgeous scenery! I can't believe we're already in Newfoundland! I'm so stoked to be here! I'm excited to finish (for a sense of accomplishment) but really don't want to either (because I've been having so much fun!). Fred was faster than we thought she would be (which is great!). Michael and I took the lead most of the time so the other two could draft off us.
The Trans Canada changed direction for a bit, and the headwind became more of a tail, which was nice! We stopped at the first (and only) corner store we saw. We didn't know when the next opportunity would be to buy food, so we stocked up (with wine and s'more ingredients, of course!). We were going to get ice cream, but the service we SO horrible! We were waiting in line, and they started serving people behind us. When they finally came to serve us I didn't want ice cream anymore (out of principle! Let's be realistic, I always want ice cream!). That we just walked out (and maybe said a comment or two). I can honestly say it was the worst convenience store service in the country! It was only because we didn't think there would be another opportunity that we bought our essentials there.
We then took off again and aimed for the first campground we saw (on the map). We didn't want to do too big of a day as it is Fred's first. So to prevent injury or really sore muscles, we did under 100km today. We only had another 30km or so until we reached said campground, so we hit the road with few breaks. The hills were rolling most of the time, and it was pleasant! Unfortunately Agnes' back kept acting up, and Fred was getting sore. The two of them went slow, while Michael and I cycled ahead to set up camp and start cooking.
When we got to the campground, we found out the details, and waited for the other two at the side of the road to see if this is where they wanted to stay. We weren't allowed fires, as there was a fire ban out apparently. It was decently priced ($10/tent), but the issue was that there was going to be a live band playing tonight. We didn't know if the other two wanted to see the band, or wanted sleep (as it was a big day for Fred). The next campground is about 10km away, so we weren't sure if they would rather cycle another 10km to avoid the music, or suck up the music to avoid the cycle.
Turns out, we decided to stay, and they only charged us $10 total (which was wicked!!). The showers unfortunately didn't work (literally drops came out, then stopped completely when the taps were turned on in full! It was ridiculous!). But we had a nice dinner and had our vino del vino. For dinner, Fred wasn't too impressed. We made Sidekicks and threw in tuna, tomatoes and lettuce (we didn't want it to go bad). It looked pretty gourmet, but Fred didn't think so, and turned her nose up at it. So, we did what every good anglo would do, and started butchering the French language and called it gourmet (pronounced gour-mitt). Fred (Quebecois) was not impressed! But it was very gourmet! For desert, we found a really good recipe on the back of the Grahm cracker box. It was essentially a smore, only with peanut butter as well. We don't know why we never thought of it before! So we meticulously followed the recipe and made the most amazing smores ever!!!
It was a really fun night! We didn't end up seeing the band because we were tired, didn't have enough wine (and everyone else was really drunk! And really old), and you had to pay extra to go. Besides, you could hear the music very clearly from our site! But we passed out! (Before I went to bed I went to see the meteor shower. I saw one then hit the hay!).


  1. S'mores with peanut butter are the BEST!!!

    Don't ever miss an opportunity for food in Newfoundland.... the next store might literally be 100km away! Have fun - I'm so excited for you guys, final province!

  2. Also, clearly your writing style is affecting me Nicole, I'm using way too many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. "let's be honest i always want ice cream"
    hahahaha :D :D :D awesome
    congratulations, you guys!! :)